About Us
At Bingo.co.uk, we work tirelessly to review the best bingo sites in the UK to ensure you find the best ones quickly and get to spend more time playing. We also keep our finger on the pulse so you can rest assured that we will bring you up to date news about the world of online bingo. This includes details of the latest promotions, bonuses, games and innovations developed by bingo sites.

Who Are We?
Bingo.co.uk is a combination of the top minds in the world of online gaming. We have decades of experience between us and we decided to tackle the phenomenon of online bingo a few years ago. We realised that it was rapidly making the transition from bingo halls around the UK to the Internet. Fast forward a few years, and we were proven right! There are now over 3.4 million online bingo players in the UK.
Our mission is to sift through the hundreds of bingo sites that have formed in the last few years; paying special attention to newcomers. While ‘tried and trusted’ websites seem like the best bet, we’ve discovered that new sites are offering incredible deals to new customers. Our goal is to bring you details of these offers so you derive the most benefit.

How We Rate Bingo Websites
The purpose of our Top 10 list is to make it easy for you to compare the features and bonuses of each bingo site in the UK. Each review is the result of detailed research into every aspect of the site, and we take pride in offering an unbiased opinion. Here is a list of our ranking criteria.

Deposits & Withdrawals
We look at how easy it is for players to deposit their money with an emphasis on the different number of payment methods. Also, we focus on the sites that allow you to withdraw your money quickly and easily. The best websites have a variety of ways to pay and withdraw including Debit/Credit Cards, Ukash/Paysafecard, PayPal, Netteller and Skrill/Moneybookers.

Bonuses & Promotions
The level of competition surrounding online bingo means every website has been forced to up its game. As a result, players benefit from amazing First Deposit offers (including free spins on Bingo Slots), exclusive slot games Prize Draws, No Deposit Bonuses and much more. We find the most generous websites, so you get value for money.

Players didn’t leave the bingo halls so that they could play the same game online! Bingo websites have an immense variety of games including 90-Ball, 80-Ball, 75-Ball and Speed Bingo not to mention hundreds of slot games.

Although the software and graphics used by a bingo website might not make or break it, we do recommend sites that use cutting edge technology. This is particularly relevant on mobile devices as an increasing number of people play online bingo using their tablet or Smartphone. We look at mobile-friendly sites that make it easy to navigate with bright colours so players can have fun while they play. 

Online Community
One of the things that make bingo special is the sense of camaraderie one gets when playing. Forging friendships is a feature of bingo halls, and online bingo takes it to a completely new level. We analyze websites to ensure it offers a pleasant chat room experience where players can have fun and talk to hundreds of different people.

Safety & Security
If you are going to invest money in a bingo website, it is important to know that it is safe and secured. We research the security measures taken by websites to ensure players can operate in a safe environment.

Another feature of top-rated websites is premium quality customer support. There is something comforting about knowing that there is an expert just seconds away to help you if you encounter any issues with the website. We rate sites based on the number of support methods available, opening hours and speed and helpfulness of replies.
We are proud to help the UK bingo community to find the best websites, and we also encourage you to leave your feedback on a site. Your insight is invaluable and helps provide us with an even better understanding of each website.
At bingo.co.uk, we analyse each UK bingo site forensically but display the information in an easy to understand manner. We have organised our top 10 list so you can perform a side-by-side comparison and choose the site(s) you want to use.
Online bingo is fast, fun and easy to play with the opportunity to meet new friends in the bargain. There are no deposit bonuses and great special offers for new customers so what are you waiting for? Join the online bingo revolution today and allow us to be your guide.