History & Developments Of Online Bingo: Offline-Mobile

History and Progress of Online Bingo

As a game of chance played both offline and online, bingo games have managed to impress, entertain many and even generated lifelong friendships..

History and Progress of Online Bingo


As a game of chance played both offline and online, bingo games have managed to impress, entertain many and even generated lifelong friendships. As an online game of chance, since it’s official launch on the web in 1996, online bingo has grown by leaps and bounds, and bingo revenues have grown to more than $1 billion. Today, online bingo is considered as one of the most entertaining past time activity for many, be it on Mobile, Tablet or your computer. this is thanks to a large variety of games, some massive jackpots and the social feature that come with the games. This has become the go-to entertainment for ladies who want to play their favorite game from the comfort of their home and connect with other enthusiasts through its chat features. But before it became an online sensation that works on new technologies such Random Number Generator (RNG), and available anywhere, any time it was a favorite pastime among Italians who love to play with groups and have fun waiting for their chance to win the prize.
From ‘Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia’ to Modern Bingo
The modern bingo game that we love to play is actually an ‘old game; that dates back to 1530s. The basis of online bingo was ‘Il Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia’, a lottery game that was popular in many parts of Italy. The origin of bingo games, this old gam of chance called for the drawing of five random numbers from a box that contain 90 numbers, for all ten draw wheels. The wheels used in this Italian game were named after the famed Italian cities that include Florence, Genoa, Venice and Milan. Players are asked to select up to 10 numbers in just one or more wheels. To win the game, a combination must be achieved, based on the identified arrangements and number combinations.
The modern bingo games also shared some similarities with some card-based games that were popular in 18th century France and in Germany. It was in 1778 that ‘Le Lotto’ , a French game that featured 27 squares, arranged in a 3 by 9 board was played, and it featured 90 numbers. According to bingo historians, this was the inspiration for the modern game that players know now.

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Starting the 1920s, the game was introduced in carnivals, particularly in public events and carnivals. This was the time when a man named Hugh J. Ward copyrighted the rules for the game for the first time. Another personality that contributed to the development of the game was Edwin Lowe, who brought the game to New York. This was also the first time that the game was commercialized, when Lowe introduced two versions of the game- one that sells for $1.00 which includes 12 cards, and another that sells for $2.00 with 24 cards. This was the start of the popularity of the game in the United States, paving the way for the establishment of modern bingo games. Soon, organizations and clubs hosted these games in different venues, and often used for fund-raising activities.
Automatic and Modern Functionality Help Popularize Online Bingo
The renaissance of bingo started with the development of the internet and other new technologies, such as the desktop computer. Gaming experts agree that the popularity of online bingo started to boom in 1996, a time when internet use was exploding and many has seen the web as the next frontier for gaming. Instead of the use of physical balls as practiced in bingo halls, online bingo makes use of the Random Number Generator (RNG) to pick the numbers that will be shown on the screen.
When you play bingo online, you will be treated to other new modern features that add another dimension to one’s bingo-playing experience. Another popular functionality that can be seen online is the chat-room, a feature that allows bingo players to chat with one another while waiting to play on next bingo room to open while they can contact the chat moderator for any question about the game, these moderators make sure chats are keeping within the fun, carefree atmosphere that is synonym with Bingo.
For players looking for comfort and convenience when playing the game, other than enjoying fast loading time and incredible graphics of each Bingo room they can also count on bingo’s auto-daub feature. If the auto-daub feature is activated, the system will automatically mark off the numbers on the virtual card. This is a great feature for players who want to multi-task online, and wants convenience when playing bingo games at all times. For those who like to spin, slot games are available and are a part of the full package provided by the UK Bingo brands, Other features that are now offered in many bingo hubs are ‘Best Card Highlighting’ and ‘Best Card Sorting’.

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What’s Next for Online Bingo?
Online bingo has helped change the way enthusiasts are entertained online. Today, the bingo game is most popular in the United Kingdom, and patronized by millions of players. Bingo UK games are powered by big names in the industry, and completed tournaments and improved chat feature.
One trend that’s changing the way bingo games are played is the transition to mobile. Just like casino slot games, these games can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet, allowing customers to play anywhere, anytime. Another emerging trend in online bingo is the acceptance of alternative payment methods such as Paypal, Ucash, digital currencies or even crypto currencies, like Bitcoins..
Online bingo is here to stay and will continue to evolve offer entertainment for both bingo enthusiasts and the casual player. As a social game that incorporates chat features, playing bingo games had become a fun and entertaining pastime. So why not play online bingo today, connect with friends and maybe even hit a jackpot.
The future of online bingo seems bright as ever with exciting new games, promotions and unique offers available just a click away, we don’t know what the future holds for the game of Bingo but we know we just love this game!

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