Learn To Play Online Bingo On Mobile, Desktop & Tablet

You might be asking why should I play bingo online.. we live in a generation when time is limited, Bingo is now part and parcel of the virtual environment meaning you can still enjoy playing Bingo in your own time on your own schedule.


Learn How to Play Online Bingo with these simple steps!
If you’re reading this, you are probably familiar with the well-known iconic bingo game in played in noisy bingo halls. Well with online bingo you can now play the same exciting game in the comfort of your home or office (though many people love playing it on the go!). Virtual Bingo can be played from your computer, iPad or mobile device anytime, anywhere; AND you can  still having fun communicating and keeping up with the other players using the great Bingo Chat feature Not only that, you will learn the online bingo terms known as Bingo Lingo and be able to safely collect your winnings. Now that sounds pretty good right?

But first, you need to know how to get started in this new and exciting online bingo world. So just go and get your mobile, iPad or computer (yes even an old one will do) and you can get started!
Sign up for an account here and choose the best option for you!

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The Game
When you start playing you will see a pop-up window which displays the following during a Bingo game:
·         Usually three card faces
·         A tote board of previously called numbers and the current number
·         A list of current players and a virtual chat room, where you can communicate and make friends between games.
To chat, just type into the chat box under your cards, and press the “enter” button on the keyboard. You’ll soon get the hang of it!
So now the exciting part.
The game proceeds as follows; players have to match a pattern that appears in the upper right corner of the bingo window.
The computer will then call random numbers. As the numbers are called, make sure to mark your cards with a click of mouse. When a your card matches the pattern, hit the "Bingo" button!

Why Play Online?
You might be asking why should I play bingo online? Well the truth is we live in a generation when time is limited and we all have less and less time to do things for ourselves or indulge in hobbies. Bingo is now part and parcel of the virtual environment which means you can still enjoy playing Bingo in your own time on your own schedule. You don’t even need a computer! You can play this game on any device that has internet access. Now getting a game in may just be the new toilet room reading material. Online Bingo is a low-cost game coupled with the excitement of marketing cards, and pressing “BINGO” instead of shouting it. You’ll see it’s just as exciting, we promise.
A big bonus of playing online bingo is the social interaction element, something that most veteran bingo players will tell you is essential to enjoying the game. Through our virtual chat room you will be able to interact with other bingo lovers, learn the lingo and even make real friends.

Different Types of Bingo Games Explained 

The Choices - Bingo Games
There are various options to playing this thrilling online game, and here are some variations: 

30-Ball Bingo
The fast- paced version runs only for a few minutes with increased player involvement, but has fewer numbers in play. It is interactive, and can be instantaneous with the ‘auto-elect’ and ‘auto-daub’ features. The cards feature a 3 by 3 grid in order to facilitate 9 numbers and multiple 30 -ball Bingo games can be played, even if you are caught between hectic work deadlines, or the school run. 
75-Ball Bingo
This version entitles you to many more numbers, enabling more patterns and groupings. As interesting patterns are formed, take your time and start socialising with others in the game.  
90-Ball Bingo
The game represents the total ‘BINGO’ experience with 3 rows and nine columns, a whopping total of 15 numbers and 27 fields! Included in this formation are 4 blank spaces and 5 numbers in each row. The game remains unpredictable with 3 popular patterns with horizontal single, double and triple lines and if all numbers on the cards are shaded, you might just win the JACKPOT. Besides the possibility of winning a jackpot, FREE money and BONUSES form part and parcel of this thrilling online activity.

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How to Win
In each of the above games a different number of balls are used and comes with a different style of bingo card.  Once you’ve selected your preferred game, you will need to purchase the required tickets. The bingo balls are then computer generated by a random number generator (RNG).
If your bingo ticket contains the generated number, the computer will automatically mark that number off for you, and the bingo software will tell you how many numbers you have left before you win a prize (e.g. ‘3 to go’ – written as ‘3TG’). The RNG will continue to send out numbers until someone wins a prize. The winner will be announced to all and the bingo winnings are added to their bingo account.
And then the game continues!
More numbers are drawn  until the next prize is won, and this continues until the main prize is won, usually when a whole bingo ticket has been completed. Prizes can be shared between players as well.
A Quick Tip to Keep in Mind
Bingo is often referred to as a game of chance, and many believe that all you need is luck. However just like any other game, even a game of chance there are tips and strategies that you can use to improve your chances of winning.

Paddypower Bingo Mobile and Tablets
You probably guessed already that peak times are usually on the weekends when the jackpots are higher and everyone is clamouring for a chance at the ‘big one’! Player traffic will be at its highest during weekends, and though you will socialise more in the chat room, your winnings will be less, according to the law of averages.
For some people this is the exciting part of online bingo, whilst others prefer to take it slow when the rest of the world is asleep.
Reason is: fewer the players, the higher chance of  winning the jackpot!
Whether you play at weekends, mornings, 3am or anytime in-between, online bingo is always available to suit your schedules, remember some Bingo sites also offer a large selection of Slots & Jackpots, you can see our full list of recommended Slot sites and specific slot game reviews such as Rainbow Riches, Big Banker, Gonzo's Quest, Cleopatra, Starburst and more!
Some people say they start their day with coffee, but others choose BINGO!

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