Online Bingo Games Explained, 30/75/90 Ball Bingo

Bingo Game Variants Explained

There is nothing better in this cold winter weather than finishing your errands, making a cuppa and settling down for a good game of online Bingo. With so many options all over the internet. 

Bingo Game Variants Explained

There is nothing better in this cold winter weather than finishing your errands, making a cuppa and settling down for a good game of Online Bingo. With so many options all over the internet, it can be confusing for the average Joe to work out where to begin. In the following article, we have summed up the main types of Bingo games for you, so that you can pick and choose what suits you best and of course, and have fun whilst doing it.

Different types and styles of bingo games explained in detail

If there was to be a listing of the most popular games of chance, then online bingo would definitely get into the list. With easy gameplay, low cost of cards and the excitement that comes with the marking of cards and shouting of Bingo!, this card game has managed to capture the imagination of players for decades. Initially offered by casinos and bingo halls, bingo games have become virtual, thanks to the internet and new technologies that help facilitate these games online. Today, bingo has become more accessible, profitable and more entertaining, thanks to the internet whether it be on your home computer, tablet or mobile phone. It has become a great social tool as well, with many bingo brands offering a chat feature and community forums that allow players to have a natter, whilst waiting for the next bingo session to begin! Many ladies from all over the country have made real lasting friendships through online bingo. What can be more fun than finding new pals without even having to step out of your doorstep? But before you invite your friends for a bingo party online, make sure you understand the different variants of bingo, and how each game is played. Whether you play it in traditional bingo halls with your girl friends or you are picking up tips in a virtual environment, you will be faced with different variants of bingo, from 30-ball to 90-ball bingo.


Different types of Bingo Game types explained:

30-Ball Bingo
If you are looking for fast-paced bingo games, then 30-ball bingo is the one for you. With fewer numbers in play and increased player engagement, this variant appeals to players on-the-go. Whether it be on your mobile, tablet or computer, this game is perfect for those looking for an instant entertainment fix. Each game will run for only a few minutes, meaning that you can even fit in a game in between Corrie and Eastenders. Play can become instantaneous too, thanks to ‘auto-elect’ and ‘auto-daub’ features. Each card is designed with a 3 by 3 grid, to accommodate 9 numbers. Do you like to be kept on your toes? With just a few numbers to track, players get a chance to play multiple bingo games, and interact more with other members. Alternatively if you don't have much time on your hands, then 30-Ball Bingo is perfect for that extra sneaky game. It only takes a few minutes, yet is packed with all the thrills of any bingo game. In a matter of seconds you can set up an account and start enjoying multiple games of 30-Ball Bingo.
75-Ball Bingo
If creative patterns rock your boat, get your cards for multiple 75-ball bingo games. Here, you get a chance to play online bingo using more numbers, with almost limitless combinations and patterns. The patterns that will bring your winnings will depend on the bingo operator, but it can be creative, from an ‘airplane’ to ‘champagne glass full’ (and we all know a girl loves her bubbly). Yes, these patterns do exist, and you can have fun chatting with your new friends, while waiting for the pattern to be completed! Other playful patterns that are usually covered are the ‘Turtle’, ‘Bow Tie’ and the ‘Top Hat’. The creativity that comes with the bingo patterns is one reason why many bingo enthusiasts love the 75-ball variant as you will never get bored with the ever changing visuals. What images will the brands come up with next? Brad Pitt would be nice wouldn't it ladies!

Bingo Games 90 balls bingo

90-Ball Bingo
Yes, there’s a difference between 90-ball and 75-ball online bingo games. Looking to kick back, and really get engrossed in the full bingo player experience? Then 90-ball is right up your street. In your 90-ball ticket, there are 3 rows and nine columns, bringing up a total of 15 numbers and 27 fields. You will also find 4 blank spaces and 5 numbers in each row. All bingo tickets are designed at random, making each game equally exciting and unpredictable. There are 3 popular patterns used in 90-ball bingo- horizontal single line, horizontal double line and horizontal triple line. Of course, a jackpot can be won if all numbers on the cards are shaded.
Thanks to new technologies, bingo players and enthusiasts get a chance to experience an engaging bingo game, whilst allowing room for socialising. There are various fantastic gifts that you can get when playing online bingo such as free money to get the game going and free bonuses. So what better way to spend your morning than making new friends and enjoying the thrills of what online bingo has to offer. Some brands even offer fun prizes such as Alton Towers trips or weekend getaways! Just imagine, you could be lounging in your dressing gown one day and jetting off to somewhere exotic the next, sipping a cocktail and topping up your tan. Whatever game you choose, the possibilities are endless. Today, players get a chance to choose the bingo games that reflect their needs and personality, making bingo a truly classic game to play!


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