Bonus Wagering Explained

Wagering means staking a sum of money, or any equivalent (though when referring to online slot or bingo games, naturally money is being wagered), on one of a determined number of outcomes of an event...

How to get the most out of your bonus

One of the oldest activities man has developed and has been engaged in ever since is gambling, specificaly Slot Games and Online Bingo in recent times. The reasons are clear, as this pastime offers some of the most fundamental needs people need answered. It brings together the excitement of making a decision about something with unclear results while taking a risk, the allure of winning money without actual effort, the optional alternative of socializing and playing with friends (while others might prefer online wagering done from the comfort of their own home), and the gaming experience itself which often involves lively settings, sound effects, and colorful themes.

How it Works
Wagering means staking a sum of money, or any equivalent (though when referring to online slot or bingo games, naturally money is being wagered), on one of a determined number of outcomes of an event. If the chosen outcome is indeed the one that came to pass, the bettor receives their staked sum with a predetermined compensation for the risk they took. If a different outcome was received, the staked sum is lost. The less likely the chosen outcome is, the larger the payback. That's the fundamentals. Naturally, modern games offer other features such as bingo bonus rounds, first deposit bonuses, special events, and so on and so forth. Once a player decides they have had enough, they can proceed to withdraw accumulated funds (if there are any) from their online wallet or account, into their actual bank account. Some sites allow such withdrawals to be made free of charge while others charge a commission for processing your request.
You should also be aware of the fine print – for example, when receiving a bonus (from a bonus round, or a sign-up bonus) most online bingo sites will set a required minimum amount that must be wagered before allowing withdrawal of such a bonus.

What Do You Get Out Of It?
The upsides are obvious. When you play any one of today's online slot games and bingo games you embark on an adventure filled with chance, exciting rewards, thrilling backdrops affluent with sound and color, and a social gaming experience should you choose to. Wagering, and more precisely responsible wagering, offers fun relying on strategic thinking skills and quite a bit of luck. But here comes the responsible part, you should always bear in mind you're just as likely to lose, and you should set a limit for your gambling that cannot be breached. Once you have the ground rules set, you're good to go!

New Advertising Regulations
Due to some extreme and sporadic cases of aggressive advertisement, the government has decided to take action, and the UK regulator has earlier this year introduced new, stricter standards on problem gambling ads. These regulations include, among other things, restrictions on ads that create a sense of urgency and encourage players to take unnecessary risks (e.g., "Bet now!" during a live event); they prevent ads that create misconceptions about players' level of risk or control over their deposited funds or actions (e.g., risk free deposit), they lower the emphasis on money related motives for gambling in ads; and they require other actions that must be taken by marketers. These measures are meant to protect weaker groups of society more than your average player.
Now that you know what wagering is, how it works, and some of the things you should be aware of, you can feel safe pursuing this popular attraction and know you're doing so responsibly.


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